kk-headshotBefore starting Thinking Cap Training, I worked with  organizations in the life sciences, music entertainment, real estate, publishing, higher education, and logistics industries. The common thread has always been working with people and organizations to bring out their best and grow the bottom line by identifying and implementing the strategy to do just that.

Some of my accomplishments include:

  • Building a formalized training and organizational development department
  • Implementing two large-scale enterprise-wide systems, launching and training
  • Establishing a corporate online university
  • Re-designing an extensive on-boarding program
  • Founding an award-winning Leadership Program for high-potential managers
  • Designing and leading team-building retreats, and more.

From training visiting physicians, to working with call center reps and sales teams, to implementing Salesforce and greenhouse integrations and technical training, I am proud of the diverse programs I have created. In the process, I have discovered that I have a passion for figuring out ways to help the individuals and organizations I work with to achieve their fullest potential. My commitment to seeing others succeed is my driving force. Over the past 20 years, I have positively impacted, and been impacted by, countless people through structured and unstructured learning and development, coaching, and training programs.

I graduated cum laude from New York University with a BA in Cultural Anthropology and Business Management and received my MBA in Executive Management from Pace University. I am also the proud mother of two amazing, whip-smart girls who teach me something new every day.

If you are interested in what Thinking Cap Training can do for you or your organization, contact me.

Thinking Cap Training provides customized training and development programs for individuals and companies. Is your company going through a merger / acquisition or other major change? Have you discovered a breakdown in your customer service fulfillment? Are you looking to improve employee engagement? Are you an individual employee who wants to grow within your organization? Thinking Cap Training is here to customize a solution that works for you and your team.

I look forward to hearing from you.