Don’t Fret, Pause

Don’t Fret, Pause

Photo by GoaShape on Unsplash

verb. gerund or present participle: fretting
1. be constantly or visibly worried or anxious. “she fretted about the cost of groceries”
synonyms: worry, be anxious, feel uneasy, be distressed, be upset, upset oneself, concern oneself; More
2. gradually wear away (something) by rubbing or gnawing. “the bay’s black waves fret the seafront”


Fretting causes us to make assumptions. We know where that leads (ass, u, me…we got it). One thing we don’t always realize – because we’re stuck in our own heads, is that this worry, these assumptions, wear away logic.

Anxiety, worry, assumptions, can all affect our health (scientifically proven), our relationships, our ability to move forward, our ability to function.

There’s a good phrase I use to get out of my own head when I notice myself falling into the fret spiral: “Control what you can control, and cope with the rest.”


Pause. Find what you can control (make a list, look for facts, start small) and work on that. Breathe. Repeat. Move forward.